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Eddie and Tamara George are living the American dream—together. From humble backgrounds, Eddie and Tamara have each risen to national prominence—for Eddie, an award-winning football and broadcasting career, and for Tamara, a rewarding singing and television career—and they believe that their marriage deserves much of the credit. 


 In Married For Real: Building a Loving, Powerful Life Together, Eddie and Tamara draw on their personal stories to guide you to a more successful marriage. Throughout the book, they speak honestly and openly about issues that all couples face—money, sex, power, quality time, faithfulness, and emotional baggage from former relationships. For each situation discussed, Eddie and Tamara give their individual perspective and then, together, address how to deepen your relationship through those obstacles to help you grow as a couple.   


These are the principles that helped them build a strong, fulfilling relationship—and they can help you, too.

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Written with husband Eddie George; Retired NFL & Heisman Trophy recipient.

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